Sunergon Information Services, Inc.

Running a successful company in today's business environment is more difficult than ever before. The exponential growth of the World Wide Web, the myriad of available operating systems/platforms/technologies, and the speed of technological change have made finding and maintaining solid business relationships an absolute necessity.

It is well nigh impossible to succeed in today's market without well-placed and complementary strategic alliances. This is why we at Sunergon place such high importance on the quality of our business partnerships; not only with our suppliers and outside contractors, but with our clients themselves.

Our clients have typically been our greatest allies, and we theirs. We continually seek out new areas of opportunity for our clients. By alerting our clients to new technologies and new ways to exploit existing technologies, we help them grow stronger and faster than otherwise possible.

The road we travel with our clients is, of course, a two-way street. Due entirely to our clients' successes, Sunergon has grown and been afforded the luxury of adding new products and services to our stable of offerings, making us a more rounded company - and a more attractive solution, to both our current clientele and new customers.

Our focus on building strong strategic partnerships has helped us maintain a on-going cycle of growth, innovation and success.