Sunergon Information Services, Inc.

At Sunergon, we've been known to wear a few hats. Our services range from desktop support to full-scale network management; from custom application design to integrated web-based solutions.

Our breadth of service offerings allows us to stay involved with our clients beyond the project level. We develop permanent, on-going business relationships with almost all of our clients.

Virtually all of our clients are repeat clients. We've grown because our clients have grown. We've succeeded because we've helped them succeed. We never attempt to pidgeon-hole a client into one of our existing services... we try to find the solutions that are right for them.

When you call on Sunergon for advice or assistance, you'll get an informed solution that's appropriate to your needs. And, if the right solution means sending you elsewhere, we'll not only tell you, we'll help you find out where.

We conduct ourselves as though we were your own, internal IT department - with the same goals and responsibilities. We work together with you to develop, implement and maintain the systems that will allow you to run your business as efficiently and profitably as possible.