Sunergon Information Services, Inc.

If you haven't guessed by now, we emphasize "working together" in all of our business endeavours. The strongest contributing factor to our success has always been our ability to understand and appreciate our clients' needs and goals. It's why virtually all of our clients are repeat clients and most make use of more than one of our services.

Much like our commitment to our clients, the strategic approach we take with all our projects and services never changes. We use in-depth, project-specific research and detailed task planning to ensure that every project we take on (and every service we provide) meets our clients' specific requirements.

At Sunergon, the initiation of a new development project or service offering is always preceded by a detailed planning stage. The "road-maps" developed during these stages allow us to effectively monitor costs and timelines, and help us ensure that our clients always receive the best end-product possible.

Every project or service we offer must pass a series of checkpoints prior to introduction. These comprehensive checkpoints include Needs Analysis, Requirements Planning, System Architecture, Product Development, Product Testing and Training/Maintenance Contingencies.